Who we are

Our website address is: https://hmahealth.co.uk.

What Information is collected, stored and Why

HMA Health gather and store information about your date of birth, address, contact details of your next of kin and medical information about you as part of our assessment process, and in order to coordinate your medical and rehabilitation programme. To this effect we share, with your consent which you provide at the time of the immediate needs assessment, and at annual review intervals, relevant information with your GP, statutory services and private service providers in order to for those stakeholders to provide you with the necessary treatment and support.

Some of the information that we hold is stored electronically, while others are stored on paper copies. For insurance purposes HMA Health is required to store this information for a period of seven years from the last point of contact with you. At the last point of contact most paper copies are destroyed and information is stored electronically.


Your Rights

You have the right to withdraw your consent on the information that we are allowed to share at any time, with the understanding that this may have a direct impact on HMA Health’s ability to provide the necessary services to you. If you wish to withdraw consent then you must do so in writing. HMA Health will in response ask you to sign a consent form to indicate which area/s of consent you wish to withdraw.

You have the right to access any information that HMA Health holds about you, and upon request this can be provided electronically or in paper format as a PDF document within a month of your request. You will not be charged for the document itself.

You have the right to complain to the ICO www.ico.org.uk if you are concerned about the way HMA Health is handling your data.

Under the new GDPR guidelines HMA Health has the right to refuse requests to information that are deemed to be manifestly unfounded or which is deemed to be excessive. In those instances, HMA Health will confirm in writing why access to information has been refused.